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3 Benefits of Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning

Beware the Dangers of Clogged Dryer Vents!

Dryer vent cleaning is one household maintenance task that often gets overlooked. After all, isn’t it enough to clean the lint trap before every load? Well, unfortunately not - the lint trap captures most of the lint shed by laundry during the drying cycle, but plenty still makes it into the dryer lint pipe, where it can accumulate and form an obstruction. This can cause several problems, ranging from inconvenient to costly to downright dangerous. This article will discuss how regular dryer vent cleaning can help prevent these problems and benefit homeowners all at once!

Fire Safety

fire Fire prevention is the most important benefit of getting a dryer vent cleaning service. Lint is a highly flammable substance, and if it forms a blockage inside the vent, the lack of proper airflow can cause the dryer to overheat. The combination of these conditions can ignite a devastating fire in the home, so keeping the dryer vent clean is vital to home safety.

Many homeowners may want to clean out the dryer vent themselves using a vacuum or dryer lint cleaner brush. While this can be helpful, it also carries a risk of missing hidden pockets of lint or compacting the lint further, which can make matters worse. A qualified professional can perform a deep and thorough cleaning of the vent using specialized tools, ensuring that no lint is left behind to pose a fire hazard.

Preserving Clothes

Keeping the dryer vent clean and unobstructed will help prevent fires, but it can also help keep clothing and linens in better shape. A dirty or clogged dryer vent will prevent heat and moisture from being properly exhausted, which causes the dryer to run longer and hotter than usual. Over longer periods, this exposure to excess heat can degrade the fibers in clothing and other laundry, causing it to shrink, fray, or wear out prematurely. 

A clean dryer protects clothes by ensuring that the dryer can get rid of moisture and hot air the way it’s supposed to, keeping the operating temperature at the appropriate level and making for shorter, more efficient cycles. This way, dryer vent cleaning helps clothes, towels, and bedding last longer and look better.

Improved Efficiency

cloggedSince clogged dryer vents hinder airflow and result in longer run times, the dryer’s energy efficiency will suffer greatly. In some cases, a dirty lint pipe can make the dryer run for several hours more than it normally would on laundry day - which can add a hefty chunk to the electric bill every month (not to mention a lot of waiting around for the laundry to be done!).

The extra runtime and loss in efficiency can also contribute to significant wear and tear on the dryer itself, which can shorten the appliance’s lifespan and necessitate frequent repairs. So by getting the dryer vent cleaned regularly by a professional, homeowners can improve their dryer’s efficiency and protect their investment over the long haul!

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