Surge Protection Services in Crown Point

“Zap” goes your expensive electronics-- unless you do something about it!

The average home incurs about 2,200 power surges per year. While the great majority of these occurrences are minor and cause no serious damage, their cumulative effect can shorten the life of your air conditioner, water heater, stereo, and other electrical appliances. As fate would have it, All Services offers you the perfect armor to protect your home electronics against external power surges: a whole-house surge protector.

As your first line of defense, you should have power strips with built-in-surge protection throughout your home. Each power strip should be capable of absorbing up to 6,000 volts of electricity to provide protection from both internal and external power surges. Our licensed Crown Point electricians can help you find the right power strips for the different electronics in your home. We proudly carry a vast array of power strip brands and models to fit your specific needs and budget.

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Why You Need Whole-House Surge Protection

What about power surges that originate externally, either from lightning or the sudden return of public power? Power strips weren’t built to absorb that much power, but a whole-house surge protector can absorb up to 40,000 amps of electricity per incident. That provides a great deal of added protection for all your home electronics, including TVs, computers and microprocessors, heating and cooling systems, and more.

Additional benefits of a whole-house surge protection in Crown Point include:

  • Gives your valuable electronics and belongings added insurance
  • Increases property value
  • Reduced risk of house fires
  • Saves you money by extending the lifespan of your electronics
  • Peace of mind

How to Prevent Power Surges

Power surges happen in each home several times of day without homeowners even knowing they are happening. The small surges can be weak enough that you won’t even see a light flicker. On the other hand, some surges have the capacity to blow your power out. There are two different types of surges that can happen:

  • Internal Surges: This type of surge comes from overvoltages within the home. They happen quite frequently and are the most common type of home power surge. Typically, an internal surge will happen when a large appliance shuts down. For example, your refrigerator cycles on and off throughout the day. When it shuts down, the electricity it was using is still flowing, so it will quickly divert to another area.
  • External Surges: These are less frequent and can cause more damage. They are usually caused by an issue with the electric company or natural things such as lightning. When this happens, the current is absorbed within the electricity your home is already using causing the spike.

The best way to protect your home is by installing strip surge protects that can absorb up to 6000 volts. This will help protect your smaller electronics. Generally, homeowners will opt for these when they only need to protect a specific appliance or fixture. However, for the proactive homeowner looking for a better solution, you’ll want to consider installing a whole-house surge protector. These units protect your entire electrical system, essentially covering every appliance, fixture, and electronic you have connected in your home.

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