Outlet Repair & Replacement in Crown Point

Are you experiencing electrical sparks when you plug into your outlets? If so, you may be in need of professional outlet repair services!

Outlets are the door to the wonderful world of electricity. From major household appliances such as the refrigerator and oven to everyday devices such as our TVs and phone charges, we utilize our outlets as a vital part of our daily routines. We tend to forget just how much we rely on our switches and outlets - that is until they randomly stop working. If you are experiencing faulty outlets in your Crown Point, IN home, call All Services today to schedule outlet and switch repair services!

Want to upgrade your outlets? Contact us today for quality GFCI outlet installation and repair services.

How Do Outlet Damages Occur?

Outlet damage isn’t fun for anyone. Nothing is worse than plugging in your bedside lamp for a late-night reading session, only to be met with a spark and no light. You may find yourself asking: How did this happen?

Some of the most common causes of outlet damages include:

  • Overload: Oftentimes, we don’t think twice about what we’re plugging into our outlets. Whether we have an extension plugged in with ten different devices receiving power, or we plug in something with a high voltage, power overload is the result.
  • Faulty Installation: During construction, there are a lot of moving parts and components. Faulty wiring can be a genuine mistake or the work of an under qualified electrician. Whatever the case may be, faulty installation is a leading cause for outlet damages.
  • Tripped Breaker: When our breakers trip, it usually means that more power was being demanded of our electrical systems than it can handle. Our outlets will cease power in order to prevent electrical shocks or fires.
  • Arc Faults: An electrical arc fault occurs when there is a high power discharge of electricity between different conductors. This creates an excess amount of heat in the wiring which can lead to an electrical fire if not taken care of promptly.

In most cases, your outlet issues are going to stem from age and faulty wiring. Because these systems are so delicate, it’s important to work with an experienced electrician to avoid any harm or property damage.

Choosing the Right Outlet

If you’re in the market for a new outlet, it can be daunting knowing which outlet is the best fit for your home. Luckily, there is an outlet for every individual’s specific needs and desires. Some of the most popular outlets available today are:

  • GFCI Outlets: GFCI outlets are ground fault circuit interrupter outlets. The primary duty of these outlets is to cease electricity when there is an increased risk for electrocution or shock. When GFCI outlets come in contact with water, they immediately turn off in order to prevent the contact of water and electricity which is the cause of electrocution. These outlets are great in areas of the home that have a water source such as a bathroom, kitchen, or even a kid’s room.
  • AFCI Outlets: AFCI outlets are arc fault circuit outlets. The job of these outlets is to trip the circuit when an electrical arc is detected. As stated above, electric arcs are extremely dangerous and a top cause of electrical fires. These outlets can decipher a harmless arc and one that could cause a fire. These outlets are great in just about any room where things are plugged in.
  • USB Outlets: What more can you ask for in our modern world where staying connected is essential? USB outlets allow you to charge your devices without the need for an adapter. These outlets are great options in households that use a lot of technology or homes with phone-addicted teenagers.

Our Crown Point, IN electricians, will always work with your existing electrical system to find the ideal outlet installation option. Luckily, with high-quality parts, you can enjoy better performance in your home.

If your outlet is continually damaged, it may be a wiring concern instead. We also offer wiring repair and replacement services to help find a long-term fix to your electrical needs.

Why Hire Our Switch & Outlet Experts?

Since 2006, All Services has been providing quality home improvement services to the greater Crown Point area. Our technicians take the time to assess the entire health of your system, finding the ideal fix that not only provides you with a solution but ensures long-term functionality. Your home’s electrical components are essential for your comfort and safety, which is why it’s so essential to work with experienced pros. Whether your outlets are damaged and need professional repair services, or you’re looking to upgrade to a more secure GFCI outlet, our team of licensed experts is here to help!

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