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Are your lights flickering even after changing the bulbs? Is your circuit breaker tripping? Do you need additional outlets? No matter what your electrical needs are, All Services is here to help. We provide safe, efficient electrical work that is always up to code and backed by over 25 years of combined industry experience. Our professionally trained team offers not just quality work and customer care, we also give safety and energy-saving tips. We even offer upfront pricing and a clean job guarantee for your complete satisfaction and peace of mind.

Check out our full list of electrical services:

From EV charging station installation to outlet repair, we do it all. Call All Services to schedule an electrical service in Crown Point or the surrounding areas!

Your Safety is Our Top Priority

We cannot stress enough the importance of calling for professional help when your electrical system is acting up. We know it can be tempting to fix the problem yourself, especially when the service team you called is taking a long time to respond. However, without proper knowledge and training in electrical work, you can easily put yourself and your property at risk.

When you turn to our highly skilled electricians, we ensure fast response times and convenient appointments. We work quickly to get your home or business in working order again.

We provide the following electrical services:

  • Electrical safety inspections
  • General electrical repairs
  • Electrical upgrades and installations
  • Surge protection
  • Generator services
  • Indoor and outdoor lighting services
  • Tesla car charger installation

Residential Electrician: Your Home's Trusted Guardian

Our skilled professionals are dedicated to ensuring your home's electrical systems are not only safe but also highly reliable. With specialized expertise in residential electrical work, we excel in overcoming the unique challenges that homes often present. Choose All Services Inc. for a secure and seamless electrical experience!

Why a Residential Electrician is Important

  • Specialized Expertise: A residential electrician is specifically trained to work in homes, understanding the intricacies of residential electrical systems. They have the knowledge and experience to diagnose and fix issues efficiently.
  • Safety First:  Electrical work, especially in homes, requires a deep understanding of safety protocols. A residential electrician follows strict safety standards to protect you, your family, and your property from potential hazards.
  • Code Compliance:  Ensuring your home's electrical system meets local building codes is essential for safety and legal reasons. A residential electrician is well-versed in local codes and ensures that all work is up to standard.
  • Troubleshooting Expertise:  Residential electricians excel in identifying and resolving electrical issues, whether it's a faulty outlet, flickering lights, or a tripped circuit breaker.
  • Upgrades and Installations:  From installing new outlets to upgrading your electrical panel, a residential electrician can handle a wide range of services to enhance your home's electrical capabilities.

Tips for Troubleshooting Your Electrical System

Troubleshooting your electrical system is not as hard as it can seem to some homeowners. In fact, there are several safe ways you can troubleshoot on your own and save an expensive service call that may not be needed.

Here are a few electrical issues you can troubleshoot:

  • Outlets: If an outlet is not working, the first step is to make sure it is not the appliance and, in fact, the outlet. Try plugging something else in, and if that does not work, check the circuit breaker to make sure nothing is in the off position. Beyond that, you will need the help of an expert.
  • Warm Switches: This is usually where homeowners get concerned and call for help, but in actuality, switches and plugs that get warm are normal especially dimmer switches. If you notice they are hot or glowing in any way, that is when you will need assistance.
  • Circuit Breaker: Another common electrical issue is tripping the circuit breaker. Typically, this means there is too much running on one outlet or one area of the home. Try decreasing the burden and spreading out the items you need plugging in before calling for help.
  • Flickering Lights: Lights that flicker are definitely a sign of repair, but not always. It can also mean a bulb is not screwed in all the way, the wattage is too high, or the bulb is dying. Once all of these corners are crossed off the list, then you should find a trusted technician.

Electrical work can make a lot of homeowners nervous, and for good reason. Many areas of the system provide high currents of electricity that can cause harm. If you do not feel comfortable troubleshooting, reach out to an electrician for help. Not only will this provide an accurate fix, but also you and your family will keep safe from the associated risks of DIY electrical repairs, like faulty wiring and connections.

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Why Choose All Services?

Trust all your electrical needs to our expert team at All Services. We won’t ever leave you in the dark. You can count on our electricians to answer any questions you might have concerning your electrical system or our methods and keep you updated throughout the completion of the job. You can also learn more about our Total Care Club Membership program, where we can cut your monthly bills through regular checkups and where we provide you with discounts and hundreds of dollars in coupons that never expire.

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