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Fuse Box FAQs

What You Need to Know About Your Fuse Box

Many older homes are equipped with fuse boxes instead of the more modern, safe circuit breaker. While many homeowners start out with the basic knowledge of how to change a fuse, what they often don’t know are the dangers of an old fuse box that doesn’t undergo regular maintenance.

This article hopes to change all that, with the help of a few local electricians. Not only can a properly cared for fuse box work for years but also it can help you protect your home from electrical dangers.

Fuse Box Removal Tips

how to removeWhile fuse box removal is technically not a difficult thing, it can be dangerous if attempted by a homeowner who doesn’t know what they’re doing. This is mainly the result of the many wires involved, and the potential for electrocution.

Before an electrician removes the fuse box, they will have to turn the power supply off. Sometimes a permit will be needed, or prior approval from the city. A licensed electrician will be aware of all of these factors.

Once the proper permits are obtained, the fuse box lid will be safely removed. Each fuse will also need to be removed separately. After all of the fuses are removed, the wires holding the fuse box onto the wall can be unhooked and the entire unit can be safely removed from the wall.

No matter the reason that the fuse box is being removed from the wall, an electrician should always be involved to minimize any risk to the homeowner.

How Does Fixing a Fuse Box Work?

Fuse boxes may look simple, but they can actually be fairly complex to fix. With the multitude of things that go wrong with them, it’s always best to contact a trained electrician at the first sign of trouble.

In most cases, the cause of the issues is often a blown fuse. While it is common knowledge for most experienced homeowners to change a blown fuse, having to do that too often in a short period of time usually indicates a larger problem with the fuse box.

how to fix

Another common fuse box issue is overheating or other issues with the wiring. As the wires experience normal wear and tear, they begin to degrade and can become a fire hazard. While it is possible to change out the wires temporarily, it is often the best course of action to have an electrician change the entire fuse box.

Why Homeowners Should Upgrade Their Fuse Box

upgrading a fuse boxFuse boxes are falling more and more out of fashion when it comes to supplying the home with electricity. As older fuse boxes can even be dangerous, upgrading them to something safer and updated is a great way to modernize the home.

In some areas, homeowners are even required to upgrade them to the more modern circuit breaker because of the insurance risks. New circuit breakers generally contain a mechanism that triggers if it notices any overheating components.

When that internal device does get triggered, it will shut the entire system down. When compared to older fuse boxes, this greatly reduces fire risk in the home.

While fuse box upgrades aren’t generally the most difficult to perform, they should be left to experienced, licensed electricians due to the safety hazards involved.

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