Thermostat Installation Services in Crown Point

As technology advances, so should your thermostat! Call All Services today for your smart home thermostat installation services.

Thermostats are the control centers of your HVAC system. If you want to enjoy the cool breeze on a hot summer day, set your thermostat to the most comfortable AC setting. If you need to warm up after freezing outside during the Crown Point, IN winter, set your thermostat to a toasty setting you can snuggle up in. Thermostats play a crucial role in your comfort at home, and All Services can help! Upgrade your home life today by investing in a digital thermostat that can cater to your individual temperature needs.

Get the most out of your smart home thermostat by upgrading your HVAC system! Contact us today to schedule your AC or furnace replacement.

What Is a Smart Home Thermostat?

Unlike their traditional counterparts, digital thermostats are completely programmable thermostats. Contrary to analog thermostats, digital thermostats don’t use mercury or glass but use a thermistor instead. A thermistor measures the temperature from the thermometer which is then evaluated by a computer chip. Using specific algorithms, the thermostat will display your home’s temperature. You can then program your thermostat to turn your HVAC system on and off based on your desired temperature.

Do you currently own a digital thermostat that is malfunctioning or failing to work at all? Give us a call today and ask about our smart-home thermostat repair and replacement services. We use the latest parts and technologies to help you make the most of your home heating and cooling needs.

The Benefits of Digital Thermostats

Contrary to belief, digital thermostats aren’t just a modern luxury. They are extremely beneficial to Crown Point, IN homeowners looking to save money on cooling and heating costs with a more personalized experience. Some of the additional advantages of these wireless devices include:

  • Zone Heating & Cooling: How often do we waste money paying to heat and cool areas of our homes that we rarely spend time in? The answer is very often! With a smart home thermostat, you can program your device to only apply heat and cool air where you need it and when you need it!
  • Alerts & Notifications: Digital thermostats can also alert you when your HVAC device needs maintenance. Add this to traditional HVAC maintenance services, and you will significantly eliminate your need for repairs.
  • Apps: Some digital thermostats can even be paired with your smartphone or tablet. That means you can even control the thermostat settings without even getting out of bed. All you need to do is connect to WiFi and you can set your desired temperature in the blink of an eye.
  • Reduced Energy Usage: Thanks to its zoning features, you can expect to significantly reduce your home’s energy consumption. HVAC systems make up a majority of our monthly utility bills. By only using your AC or heater when you need it, you will save a ton on energy bills.

If you want to save even more energy in your home, consider upgrading to a ductless mini-split AC system, designed especially for zoned cooling and heating purposes.

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Thermostats are the control centers for your HVAC system. Upgrade your life and reduce your energy bills by going digital! Call All Services at (219) 488-2213 to schedule your smart home thermostat installation for your Crown Point, IN home!