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When It's Time to Spring Clean, Don't Forget the AC

Make Air Conditioning Maintenance a Priority This Spring

As the trees leaf out and flower and the early spring blossoms all around, many a mind turns to sweeping away the winter cobwebs and starting fresh. It is spring cleaning time! Since a home's air conditioner has likely been sitting unused for several months, it's a good time to make sure it gets its own version of spring cleaning and maintenance. Maintaining an air conditioner has many benefits, including more than just the cleaner air indoors.

Clean AC Unit Is an Efficient AC Unithvac

Maintenance is required to keep an AC unit in the best working condition. This is true of any machine. Parts need cleaning and tightening. Coils need to be cleaned to cool the air more efficiently, and the air filter will need to be changed. 

A clean air filter helps the efficiency of the AC unit because the cleaner the filter, the less the unit has to work to pull in air. Even more than this, an efficient unit saves energy, saving the homeowner money. 


Remember the Air Ducts

The intake vents, the coils, and the air filters are not the only pieces of the HVAC system that may need cleaning. The ducts that distribute the air throughout the home can also be areas of accumulation for dust and other airborne particles. Here are a few of the benefits of having a thorough professional duct cleaning:

  • Indoor Air Quality: When dust and allergens are in the ducts, they can be released into the home, because there is no filter between the ducts and the vents. A clean duct system can improve the cleanliness of the inside air. 
  • Increased Airflow: If the ducts have enough filth in them, it can affect the home's air circulation. Cleaning the ducts and the filter ensures the air is being circulated as it should. 
  • Unit Efficiency: The AC unit will be able to use less energy output to transport the temperature-regulated air around the home. 
  • Cleanliness Cycle: The cleaner the home, the cleaner the air conditioner is, and the cleaner the AC unit is, the less likely it will be to deposit dust and particles in the home. Less dust to accumulate is less to remove.

A Cleaner Home Makes for a Cleaner HVAC System

When an air conditioning unit is maintained, it can save the homeowner money in energy costs, but can this same homeowner help keep their AC cleaner throughout the year? Yes, they can. By keeping a home clean and tidy, a person can help prevent detritus buildup in the HVAC system. 

Nothing a person does can maintain a home completely devoid of dust, especially considering that the air does come in from the outside through the air filters and when people open doors. There is no need to try to seal the house off, the filter will still need to be replaced, but regular home maintenance can extend the system's lifespan. These simple steps that need to happen anyway are very helpful:

  • Vacuuming
  • Dusting
  • Mopping
  • Cleaning intake vents

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