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The One Thing Homeowners Can Do To Make Their Boiler Happy This Valentine's Day

It's Time for the Boiler To Get Some Appreciation

Perhaps one of the most neglected appliances in the home is the boiler. Every day, households everywhere rely on their boiler to keep them alive and safe from extreme weather conditions. In turn, the boiler doesn't ask for much more than the occasional maintenance check from a licensed professional. Professionals recommend that homeowners have their boiler serviced just once a year. To learn more about boilers and how to care for them, continue reading below.

The Boiler: An Intro

The boiler is what gets the entire heating system to work. Without the boiler, there wouldn't be hot water to send to the radiators and taps. Boilers are also one of the first machines used to heat a home. In other words, it is a very primitive technology but still works today as if it were invented yesterday. There have been a few improvements made, though. 


By law, all modern boilers are condensing boilers. This means they have a heat exchanger arrangement, which removes as much heat as possible from the flue gases. These boilers are also innately more energy efficient because they recycle the latent heat from the water vapor produced during the heating process. 

The Different Types of Boilers

There are two types of boilers on the market. Once hooks up to the gas supply company and receives a continuous supply. The other boiler type has a tank that has to be refilled. 

The two types of boilers are a gas main boiler and a Liquid Petroleum Gas boiler. The LPG boiler is the one with a refillable tank and is also seen as a little safer than the gas main boiler. 

Regardless of what the homeowner chooses, the HVAC professional will ensure that the boiler type is complementary to the home's needs. That said, one boiler type isn't necessarily superior to the other. It's more about a matter of preference than anything else. 

Common Maintenance Required for Boilers


Like anything else, boilers break down and need maintenance services now and then. There are a few things that HVAC professionals look for during boiler maintenance to ensure that the machine is ready to work day-in and day-out until the next servicing date. 

Some different things that commonly need maintenance on boilers include:

  • Leaky parts
  • Corroded parts
  • Tank flushing or bleeding
  • Messing with the water pressure
  • Circulating pump maintenance 

Local HVAC professionals are eager to service the boiler in every home because an efficient boiler is a safe home. Homeowners should check on their boilers between maintenance appointments to ensure they are still running efficiently and safely. 

All Services Is There To Help

Crown Point residents are safer with the professionals of All Services around. When they need boiler maintenance, they can trust that these professionals are there to help because they understand the frustration associated with boiler issues. Don't hesitate to call today for boiler service!