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Signs That It's Time To Upgrade the Electrical Panel

Experiencing Electrical Panel Problems? It May Be Time for an Upgrade

People have grown used to functional electricity, so when something goes wrong, it can be quite a hassle. Especially knowing that electrical problems are a common reason for house fires! It’s critical that the electrical panel stays functional, so it doesn’t pose a threat to the safety of those living in the home. And that includes upgrading the electrical panel when necessary.

Faulty Wiring Signs That Require Panel Upgrades

faulty electrical panel

One of the biggest causes of electrical panel problems is faulty wiring. The older a home is, the more likely that the wiring has started to wear down. There are several signs that homeowners should pay attention to in order to spot faulty wiring.

  1. Frayed or chewed wiring: Rodents or even pets can get their paws on the wiring and tear them apart, which is a big hazard for electrical shocks and fires. 
  2. Burning smells: If homeowners notice an odd, burning odor lingering in the air, faulty wiring is likely at play.
  3. Frequent circuit breaker trips: It’s pretty common for the breaker to trip once in a while when the system is overloaded. But if it does this on a regular basis, it could be a sign of a wiring problem.
  4. Buzzing or dimming lights: When a lightbulb starts to go out, it can dim or flicker. But if after replacing the bulb, the same problem continues, it’s a sign of faulty wiring.

If homeowners notice any of these signs, they should contact a professional electrician immediately to come out and do an inspection. They may find that the electrical panel is experiencing faulty wiring and needs to be upgraded.

Installing New Appliances Requires Panel Upgrades

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In addition to electrical problems, sometimes the electrical panel can require upgrading when new appliances are added to the home. Older electrical panels are compatible with older appliances. They simply don’t have the ability to work with modern appliances. For instance, if homeowners are looking to install a new air conditioner, a new hot tub, or a new dryer, the existing electrical panel likely will not suffice. 

Homeowners should always check with a professional electrician about any plans they have for installing new appliances. The technician will be able to better assess whether the panel will need to be upgraded in order to keep up with the new appliances, and they can do it with minimal accidents.

Adding Circuit Breakers Requires Electrical Panel Upgrades

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As with most things, circuit breakers will wear down over time. They can become faulty and broken, requiring replacement. If homeowners can see visual damage to the breaker, such as burned materials, frayed wiring, or corrosion, it’s a sign that the breaker needs to be replaced. 

Additionally, if there is a burning smell or if the circuit breaker is hot to the touch, it likely needs replacing. Like installing new appliances, adding new circuit breakers can require an electrical panel upgrade. If the panel is older, it may not be compatible with the new breakers and won’t be able to function as it should. 

Always speak with an electrician before adding any circuit breakers to see whether the entire electrical panel needs to be upgraded as well.

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