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Saving Money on Holiday Decorations

Energy-Efficient Decorations Save Money and Add “Wow” Factor

The holidays are a special time of year that everyone looks forward to. Lavish meals and festive decorations add an atmosphere that is truly unique to the end of the year. Along with holiday traditions can also come the stress of trying to meet budgets, especially as costs are rising. One thing that no one wants to do is sacrifice the festive fun because budgets are tight. 

Luckily there are several ways that homeowners can celebrate as lavishly as they want while not paying too much. By adopting a couple of strategies, homeowners can stretch their holiday dollars to include all of the meals and gifts that their hearts desire. Here are the best ways to celebrate the holidays with elegant displays that won’t wreck the budget. 

Upgrade to LED Lights for Lighting Displays 

led lightsThe first trick to saving money during the holidays while still celebrating is upgrading the technology homeowners use to decorate. Holiday lights and decorations tend to be outdated because they are only utilized for a month out of the year. In the holiday rush, most homeowners don’t want to spend money on new outdoor Christmas lights, so they keep using the same inefficient lighting they have used for years. 

By upgrading to LED lights homeowners save money in two ways. First, LED Christmas lights use less power, so one can hang more lighting for a fraction of the utilities used. Secondly, LED Christmas lights last longer. This is important for homeowners that don’t buy new decorations every year. They can continue using the same lights for years, not wasting money replacing faulty lighting strands. 

Look Into Battery-Operated Christmas Lights

To reduce spending around the holidays, a great idea is to decorate with battery-operated Christmas lights. Battery-operated holiday decorations have two special benefits for homeowners that love to decorate. First, they reduce costs by not using power from the home, in turn reducing electric bills. These special lighting strands and decorations can be used for years and never cost a penny on utility bills. 

Secondly, battery-operated Christmas lights and decorations are the most versatile. One of the biggest limitations of decoration is proximity to a power source. This can limit homeowners’ decoration schemes based on the number of extension cords and how many outlets are available nearby. Battery-operated options can be placed anywhere and give endless options for homeowners to decorate. 

Include the Holiday Classic: Candles 

candlesThe tradition of holiday lighting stems from when no lights were available. During these times, holiday celebrants lit candles to observe the season. As electricity became available, holiday lighting supplanted candles as decoration. Lighting was safer than open flames and could be done cheaper. 

With a better understanding of fire safety, candles can still be used to great effect when it comes to holiday lighting. Not only can candles add a beautiful and safe ambiance to decorations they can also save homeowners money since they are cheap. 

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