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Kickstart Spring Cleaning With the AC System

Get Ahead This Spring With AC Maintenance

Winter is winding down, and as the air grows warmer and the birds start singing, homeowners start thinking of spring cleaning! While dusting and clearing out the house, homeowners shouldn't forget to tidy up the air conditioning system.

After a cold winter, the air conditioner has probably been sitting lonely and unused under its cover. Ductwork has gotten dusty, and filters have been filtering the warm air from the heater for several months. Too often, these systems don't get the cleaning they need before switching gears for summer. Putting off AC maintenance can cause system failure and make for a miserably hot summer. Don't let summer creep up on the house without giving the AC the cleaning it deserves!

Schedule a Tune-Up

Air conditioning units need a regular check-up to make sure it's ready for the demands of summer. During annual air conditioning maintenance, an HVAC technician will inspect the unit and take care of any issues that pop up. 

A lot can go wrong in an air conditioner. Evaporator coils will collect dirt over time, and when dirty, the coils will stop absorbing heat, leaving the air conditioner unable to cool the home effectively. If refrigerant levels are low, the air conditioner won't keep up with demands. Additionally, dirty air filters in the unit will dirty the air in the home. The HVAC technician will top off any refrigerant needs, clean the coils, and make sure there aren't any drain clogs. 

Have the Ducts Cleanedduct

The ductwork of a home serves as the lungs of the house. Fresh air circulates through the ductwork, and the air is either heated or cooled depending on if the furnace or air conditioner is at work. 

When ductwork is dirty, the air that the home's occupants breathe is too. Having the ductwork cleaned improves the air quality in the home. It also improves the home's air conditioner and heater's efficiency, removing any obstructions that might be clogging the air's path through the ducts. 

Ductwork typically requires professional cleaning, as getting into the ductwork can be a hassle, and most homeowners don't have the tools to clean the hundreds of feet of ducting in the home. 

cleaning Breathe Cleaner With Fresh Filters 

The filters of a home's furnace and air conditioner should be replaced at least every six months to prevent clogs, but most homes need them replaced every three months or so. Factoring in dogs, kids, plants, and allergies can mean more frequent replacement is necessary. 

Of course, it's easy to forget to replace the filters. However, forgetting to replace filters leads to dirtier air in the home, an inefficient HVAC system, and increased heating and cooling bills. Setting a simple reminder to replace the filters every three to six months will keep the home's air cleaner and keep it flowing smoothly through the home's ductwork. 

The great thing about working with an expert HVAC technician is that they can usually manage the tune-up, duct cleaning, and filter replacement for the homeowner. Instead of stressing about spring cleaning, homeowners can work with the experts to make things easier!

Call All Services for an AC Spring Cleaning!

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