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Keep the Home Safe for Halloween With These Decorating Tips

Three Ways to Avoid Spooky Electrical Problems This Halloween

It's no surprise that fall and winter are the biggest seasons for household fires. During the cooler weather, people come back inside and use heat-generating appliances and extra power to stay comfortable when temperatures drop. Halloween is usually the holiday to kick off this season of increased risk. 

Electrical fires can be scary, but there is no need to fear. When decorating for Halloween, take a few precautions, and the spooky season should pass by with no major frights. Here are the three top ways to prevent electrical problems during the fall.  

Inspect Powered Decorations 

halloweenElectricity is everywhere in the home, and that means that homeowners take advantage of it when they are decorating. Every end table and buffet has a lighted display, and every corner of the yard has creepy powered decorations. The threat from decorations comes from Halloween decorations being stored 11 months out of the year. Winding up cords and cramming them back into their packaging can damage wiring and components that could lead to problems. When it's time to start decorating, homeowners should take extra time to inspect for things like:

  • Damaged wiring
  • Exposed wiring
  • Damaged insulation
  • Faulty wiring 

If there is any question about the integrity or safety of the decoration, discard it or have a competent individual make repairs. Too many home fires are started during holidays simply from a failure to inspect decorations. 

Plan Ahead to Avoid Overloading Outlets

outletIt's very easy to get carried away in the season's spirit, especially during Halloween. This can mean that decorating plans spread all around the home. Who wouldn't want to see that eerie lighting display in every street-facing window? When this happens, a common problem is overloaded outlets. 

Overloading outlets can be a hazard, but it's also a hassle. When outlets overload, they can frequently trip breakers or overheat wiring leading to a fire. Planning can go a long way towards keeping the family safe and putting together a noteworthy display. Start by knowing which outlets are on what circuits in the home. Try to distribute electronics between different circuits. This way, the home and yard can look great without creating a problem. 

Surge Protectors Prevent Fires 

A common fix for overloaded outlets are surge protectors. But, this is not how these devices were intended to be used. Outlets can only handle a certain amount of electric current, so it is never a good idea to use a power strip to add more decorations to a single outlet. 

That being said, surge protectors are a great idea to protect sensitive electronics and make multiple devices easier to turn off. Surge protectors prevent excessive voltage from spiking through wiring and damaging electronics. Additionally, surge protectors can have extra options that prevent fires. For example, overcurrent protection in surge protectors protects the home from fires by shutting off power when too much electricity is consumed. 

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