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Is the Home's Boiler Ready for Cold Weather?

These Simple Measures Can Keep the Home Warm This Winter 

It’s time to get the house ready for winter. Yet, this goes beyond putting up holiday decorations; it involves boiler maintenance. Nobody wants a cold house in the middle of the winter. Below, homeowners can learn some tips and tricks to keep the boiler running efficiently. 

Knowing the Boiler Basics 

One should have a basic idea of how their boiler operates. This way, they can catch certain issues before they turn into massive problems. Here’s what homeowners need to know: 

  • How boilers work. Boilers rely on electricity, gas, or another power source to heat the home. The power source heats the water inside the boiler, turning it into water vapor. The heat from the water vapor heats the house. The vapor returns to the boiler, turning into liquid, and then the cycle continues. 
  • The benefits of boilers. Boilers are considered more efficient than regular heating systems. They also last longer than many appliances. A well-maintained boiler can last for more than 15 years. 
  • They’re not the same as centralized heating systems. A boiler has more in common with the home’s water heater than a centralized heating system. That’s because boilers rely on heating water to heat the home. Centralized systems rely more on creating heat from other sources. 

Keeping an Eye Out for Boiler Problems boiler

A malfunctioning boiler could still generate heat. However, if left ignored, it could eventually break down. Homeowners should know the signs of boiler problems, which include: 

  • The boiler is leaking water. If the boiler’s leaking water, then it can’t generate heat. A professional can find the source of the leak and patch it. 
  • The boiler makes banging noises. This could range from problems with the thermostat to built-up debris on the boiler’s heat exchanger. A homeowner could try replacing the batteries in their thermostat to see if this corrects the issue. If not, they should consider professional help. 
  • The boiler won’t heat the home. There are many reasons a boiler may stop working, from power source issues to non-functioning components. 

Many homeowners don’t have the skills necessary to fix a broken boiler. As noted, they should consider partnering with a boiler repair technician. They can fix the problem and prevent others from arising. 

Maintaining the Boiler boiler

As a boiler age, it’ll inevitably have some issues. Homeowners can combat these issues by: 

  • Scheduling annual boiler maintenance visits. A company specializing in boiler services can prepare the boiler for winter. They can also advise other measures to keep the appliance running.
  • Reviewing the home’s energy bills. It’s not unusual for energy bills to spike when winter comes. However, above-average billing statements could mean the boiler is working overtime to heat the house.
  • Refraining from DIY repairs. Boiler repairs are best left in the hands of professionals. Any DIY attempts to fix a problem could only make it worse. 

It’s worth noting that boilers aren’t meant to last forever. If a homeowner chronically experiences problems with a boiler and it’s more than 15 years old, they should consider boiler replacement. 

About All Services 

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