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Heating and Cooling Resolutions to Make for the New Year

Heating and Cooling Habits to Work on This Year 

Most people get tired of listening to New Year's resolution commitments. Too many people get caught up in the enthusiasm only to abandon these high ideals within a week or two. To set good goals, homeowners should come up with concrete goals for the coming year. Finding more manageable habit changes may be a better and more easily-managed home. 

One of the areas that homeowners can easily start to work on this year around the home is the central AC system. The heater and air conditioner work hard all year to keep the home comfortable and safe, and nothing helps these systems out more than some good habits on the part of their owners. Here are the top three habits homeowners can work on in the coming year to care for their heaters and air conditioners. These easy habits can be implemented immediately, leading to great comfort and cost savings all year. 

Replace Air Filters Seasonally filter

Most homeowners know that their AC filters should be changed every three months. The best way to remember this is to have the change of seasons as a reminder since each season is three months long. To ensure this important task isn't overlooked, sit down at the beginning of the year and put reminders on the calendar. This can guarantee clean air and good service from the heating and air conditioning system throughout the year. 

When air filters go unchanged, the filter becomes fouled with dust and grime. This grime restricts airflow in the home and leads to higher bills every time the heater or AC cycles. Another consequence of the fouled filter is that comfort is compromised, leading to rooms in the home that are too hot or too cold. Additionally, grime and dust on the air filter can allow dirt to build up inside the blower cabinet and ductwork. This leads to more mechanical problems and air quality problems within the home. 

Keep Air Vents Open 

ventsA bad habit that homeowners can get into is forgetting about the home's air vents. Conversely, some homeowners fixate on the air vents, close some off, and leave others on to save money. Unfortunately, these strategies are not good habits for the heating and cooling system. 

At the beginning of the year, homeowners should take a moment to inspect their air vents. Ensure air vents aren't blocked by furniture or that they haven't been shut off over the year. Central AC systems are designed to work perfectly with little interference, and blocking off air vents, intentionally or accidentally, causes the system to work harder than necessary. 

Remember AC Maintenance 

Another thing to add to the calendar when making notes about air filter changes is AC maintenance. On the spring and fall dates, homeowners should make a note to call for maintenance from an AC professional. Scheduling AC and heating maintenance twice per year ensures that each system is ready for the coming season. 

Some contractors offer AC maintenance as a program or membership, while others offer it as a service. Regardless, AC maintenance bestows benefits like: 

  • Lower bills
  • Increased reliability 
  • Longevity
  • Better comfort 

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