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Heater Going Bump in the Night?

Take Note if the Furnace Is Making These Spooky Sounds

Some minor grumbling is normal when the furnace is turned on for the first time in a year. But if the furnace makes any unnatural noises, there could be a serious underlying problem. 

As the weather gets colder and homeowners turn their heaters on for the first time, they may be shocked when their furnace starts making a racket. Noisy heaters can be annoying and interrupt a good night's sleep, but the underlying cause might be a serious problem.

When the heater goes bump in the night, homeowners should have it inspected by a professional who can recommend the appropriate furnace repair.

Scraping or Grinding

A scraping or grinding sound in the furnace suggests a problem with the blower wheel. The blower wheel is powered by a motor and forces the heated air through the ducts and the home. If the motor or blower fan has an accumulation of debris, needs to be lubricated, or is out of alignment, this could result in scraping or grinding sounds.

To prevent expensive damage, homeowners should turn their furnace off until it can be repaired by a professional. 


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There are two common reasons for the furnace to make a banging noise. If the banging is within the furnace itself, and the furnace is gas-powered, the banging could result from dirt buildup on the burners. The buildup of dust and debris can prevent the gas from igniting, so it accumulates in the burner. When a large amount of gas finally ignites, it can make a loud banging sound.

If the banging is heard more within the walls, it's likely due to the air duct expansion. Metal expands as it heats, so the metal air ducts can expand as they warm up. This thermal expansion is normal and usually harmless, but it can loosen joints and result in air leaks. If there is a concern about the ducts' soundness, a certified HVAC technician can conduct a ductwork inspection.


Probably the spookiest of noises, especially in the middle of the night, screeching should also never be ignored. 

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There are a few different issues that can cause a screeching sound in the furnace: 

  • Out of alignment blower wheel
  • Worn blower motor bearings
  • Misaligned blower motor
  • Loose blower fan belt
  • Worn shaft bearings

If ignored, the metal-on-metal causing the screeching could also create metal shavings that can fall into other components of the furnace and create more problems. For an exact diagnosis and furnace repair, call an experienced heating company.

While spooky noises are never a good thing to hear, it can be especially concerning around Halloween. Instead of panicking or suffering through a freezing night, contact a local furnace repair company instead. 

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