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Getting the Breaker Panel Ready for the Extra Work of Upcoming Holidays

Prep the Home and Breaker Panel for the Extra Strain of Holiday Visitors

The holidays are coming up faster than most people realize, and after such an eventful year, people are ready to celebrate! So if homeowners are planning to have various guests staying over at their homes during the holiday season, the time to prepare the home for guest arrivals is now. With more people at home, the home has more work to do, especially in the electrical department. More lights will be on for longer periods, more food will be made, and more TVs, devices, and WiFi will be used. Is the home ready for that?

What Is a Breaker Panel?

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A breaker panel is a major piece of the home's electrical system. It divides the electrical power feed into different circuits. It is essentially a big switch (or series of switches) that distribute power and electricity to the house. Its role is critical to the safety and functionality of the home. A breaker can disrupt the flow of a current if there's a short or overload. Cutting off this flow prevents damage to the circuit and the appliances and other electronics in the home. It also prevents sparks, electrocutions, and fires from taking hold of the house. 

Signs of Breaker Panel Repair Needs

Because the breaker panel is so essential to the house's electrical safety, homeowners need to pay very close attention to warning signs that the panel is malfunctioning.

  • A burning smell: If homeowners smell something burning, that is code red! The wires and insulation have likely become overheated and are putting the home at a major safety risk.
  • Won't stay reset: The reset button is one homeowners should seldom use. If homeowners start to use it more often because the breaker won't stay reset, there is something wrong with the panel. 
  • Physical damage: If homeowners notice scorch marks, corrosion, or frayed wires popping out of the breaker, it needs to be replaced as soon as possible.
  • Breakers trip frequently: Breakers are meant to trip in an effort to protect the home if too much power is being drawn. But if a breaker is tripping each time the microwave or dryer is used, it may be worn down and need to be repaired or replaced. 


When Is It Time To Replace the Breaker Panel

Sometimes when homeowners notice the signs mentioned above, the breaker can be fixed. But if there is too much damage, these signs can also mean that it's time to replace it. 


Homeowners may also notice flickering lights in their homes or poor performance from various appliances, like the dryer shutting off in the middle of its cycle. These are also common signs that the breaker panel needs to be replaced. Additionally, if homeowners plan to update appliances or add in new appliances, their existing panel may not be equipped to handle the new, modern technology. That, or the panel might be reaching the end of its lifespan. Either way, it's best to leave these changes to professionals, as playing around with electrical panels can be dangerous.

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