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Expert Guide To a Better Electrical System in the New Year

Fixing Home Electrical Systems as a New Year Resolution 

The new year is a great time to decide how to improve the quality of one's life. Taking care of a home's electrical system may be a unique New Year's resolution, but it's a vital one. This system is responsible for powering all electrical appliances around the house and needs regular maintenance to keep it functioning properly. This article shares three simple steps homeowners can take to ensure that their electrical system is in the best condition.

Getting Rid of Damaged or Outdated Wiresoutlets

One of the most common and dangerous signs of an electric system failure is the presence of old and worn out wires. Electric wires wear out due to several reasons, which include heat, extreme bending, and damage. 

Damaged wires can also be caused by aging, attack by rodents or pets, and wrong wiring. When faced with such a situation, it is always advisable to contact a professional and licensed electrical contractor to inspect the wiring system and replace the damaged wires. The contractor will also check for any property damage that may have been caused by the damaged wire.

Scheduling Routine Professional Inspection 

Most property damages that arise from electrical systems malfunction can be avoided by hiring an electrical home inspection expert to troubleshoot any issues. A home electrical inspection involves checking the entire electrical system to ensure it meets the required standards. Homeowners should get an inspection before purchasing a home, after a major renovation, or if a home is older than 40 years. 

During a scheduled routine inspection, inspectors usually check the following: 

  • Smoke detectors 
  • Outdoor electrical systems
  • Electrocution hazards
  • Wall outlets 

A home inspection reduces energy costs, identifies electrical problems, and enables the correction of possible fire and safety hazards. 

Avoiding Circuit Overloads 

An electric circuit overload occurs when the electric energy demanded is more than what the circuit can supply at any given time. This situation causes the circuit breaker to cut down the power supply to protect the electrical system. 

The circuit breaker prevents the electrical system from overheating and causing a fire. Some early signs of an overloaded circuit include burning odors from power outlets, buzzing outlets, outlets that feel warm, and dimming or flickering lights after more lights or electrical appliances get turned on. 


One way to detect an overloaded circuit situation is to calculate the circuit load in one's home electrical system. Homeowners can do this by adding all the electrical loads in a circuit and comparing the final value with the legally recommended amount of load. 

The best way to solve an overloaded circuit is to reduce the number of electric appliances operating at once. Alternatively, homeowners can shift the excess load to another outlet or create a new outlet altogether. Another viable solution is to make use of an extension cord to distribute the power usage equally. 

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