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Heat Pumps Boost Home Heating Efficiency in the Winter

Many homeowners considering heat pump installation may be concerned about the efficiency and efficacy of the system. It can be tempting to install one of these systems because they can save money on energy bills. However, at a glance, heat pumps may not seem like a good idea for those people in cold climates. After all, heat pumps don’t actually produce heat. Instead, they transfer heat from the air outside the home and send it inside the home when in heating mode. 

How is this possible in the wintertime when the air outside is cold? Read on to find out how heat pumps work to boost home heating efficiency - even in the winter. 

How Exactly Heat Pumps Work

There are many different types of heat pumps, but the most common work to transfer temperature out of the air and into the home. Essentially, they do this by using refrigerant, changing it from a liquid to gas depending on whether heating or cooling is needed. When the refrigerant turns to a gas, it gets cold - usually colder than the outdoor temperature. This allows the outdoor unit to absorb ambient warmth from the air outside the home. 


Once the outdoor unit has absorbed enough outdoor warmth, it turns the refrigerant from a gas back into a liquid, generating heat. That hot liquid is transferred to the indoor unit, where the blower helps distribute it into the home. 

Efficiency Features

Compared to other heating systems that use electricity to generate heat, these heat pumps transfer ambient heat. This allows them to use less electricity, therefore helping to save on energy bills. But perhaps the best part is the fact that heat pumps can also cool in the warmer months. They do this by reversing the process used for heating. They absorb the heat from inside the house and transfer it outside, much like a refrigerator does to keep food and perishables cool. This means that there are fewer moving pieces that homeowners need to worry about. 

Other Heat Pump Benefits


One of the major benefits of a heat pump is its ability to work even in cold weather, even in freezing temperatures. This is why many people use hybrid systems to get the best of both worlds. A furnace does the heavy lifting in the frigid winter months; meanwhile, the heat pump works well in all other temperatures. 

Other benefits of heat pumps include fewer maintenance costs and requirements, a longer life span, and lower carbon emissions. They are also generally considered safer than combustion heating systems. All in all, for areas that don’t often experience extremely cold weather, heat pumps are an excellent investment that can provide heating and cooling all in one system all throughout their lifespan. They can save money, time, and reduce homeowners’ carbon footprints. 

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