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Beware of These Signs of a Broken AC System This Summer

3 Ways To Tell If the AC Needs Repairs (Or Replacement)

It’s officially summer, and for Indiana residents, the heat and humidity are in full force. Indiana summers may not be as extreme as in some parts of the country, but they’re certainly nothing to scoff at – it’s not a reach to say that a working air conditioner is necessary for most people. 

Of course, summer is when most air conditioner issues tend to arise, thanks to the increased workload on the unit. And the last thing any homeowner wants is for their AC to suddenly stop working in the middle of a hot, muggy afternoon. Fortunately, air conditioners rarely kick the bucket without first showing signs of impending failure. In most cases, preventing a breakdown comes down to knowing what to look for – so this article will share three common signs of a broken air conditioner!

The Home Isn’t Getting Cool

hotOne unmistakable clue that the AC might need repairing is if the house never reaches the desired temperature. Whether the AC doesn’t want to turn on, runs only briefly before turning off, or runs constantly without achieving the right temperature, this means trouble. Homeowners may notice that the vents produce very little airflow, no airflow, or warm air.

Several issues can cause the AC not to cool the house properly. It may simply be an issue with the thermostat or a dirty air filter. Still, it could also result from leaky air ducts, dirty or frozen coils, a refrigerant leak, a broken blower motor, or a failing compressor. Some of these issues can be resolved with relatively minor repairs, but others (such as a faulty compressor) may necessitate an air conditioning replacement, as replacing the individual part may not be worth the cost.

Energy Bills Are Unusually High

An unexpected spike in energy costs is a slightly more subtle sign that the AC needs repairing or replacing. Since air conditioners consume more electricity than any other appliance in the home, energy bills tend to go up in summer as it is – but if the increase in usage is higher than usual, it often points to a significant loss in efficiency. 

The energy efficiency of any AC unit will degrade over time due to wear and tear, so if the unit is very old (10+ years), there may not be much to do about it besides replacing it. Along these lines, older units are less energy efficient than today’s models anyway since HVAC technology is always improving, so upgrading to a more eco-friendly unit may make sense.

But efficiency and performance problems can also be caused by malfunctioning components or a lack of routine maintenance, so it’s best to hire a professional HVAC contractor or energy auditor to investigate any large spikes in energy usage and determine whether air conditioning repair or replacement is needed.

Strange Smells or Sounds

smellUnpleasant odors or unusual sounds can warn homeowners that something is wrong with their HVAC system. For instance, if a musty smell comes from the vents, it may point to mold growth in the ducts or evaporator coils. This kind of contamination can degrade indoor air quality and pose a serious health risk, so it’s imperative to have the system cleaned as soon as possible. Even more urgent and dangerous is if there’s smoke or any kind of burning smell coming from the vents – this indicates that an electrical fault or other issue is causing something to overheat inside the unit, which can lead to a fire.

If the AC makes strange noises, there’s a good chance something is seriously wrong. Whistling, hissing, or howling could point to a duct or refrigerant leak. Screeching or whining could be caused by a displaced motor fan grinding against the fan housing, overpressurized refrigerant lines, or a belt or bearing needing lubrication. Clanging or banging may result from a broken component, a loose blower fan, or a damaged compressor. 

Not only can any of these issues get progressively worse and cause more damage the longer they’re left unresolved, but some of them can be dangerous to everyone in the household – so homeowners must reach out to a reliable AC repair company as soon as they notice any of these symptoms!

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