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In Indiana, we have to endure frigid winters and hot summers. That puts a lot of pressure on our heating and cooling systems to keep our homes comfortable. To ensure your furnace and air conditioner are working properly, schedule All Services to perform routine maintenance, repairs and installations. In business for more than a decade, we bring experience and expertise to each job. Call us today to book an appointment in Lowell, IN.

We offer full heating and cooling services to your area, including:

  • Air Conditioner Installation
  • Heating Installation
  • Air Conditioner Repairs
  • Heating Repairs
  • Ductless Mini Split AC Systems
  • Evaporator Coil Services
  • Air Handler Services
  • Boiler Services
  • Heat Pump Services
  • Filter Replacement

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Signs Your Heater Needs to be Repaired

To avoid having your heater breakdown in the winter months, it’s important to get it repaired at the first sign of a problem. Some symptoms that can indicate you need to call a professional to service your unit can include:

  • Your house isn’t warming up.
  • You have hot and cold spots throughout your house, meaning heat isn’t being evenly distributed.
  • You hear loud and unpleasant sounds coming from the system.
  • Your monthly bills rise, even though you aren’t using the unit more than before.
  • The temperature of your home doesn’t match the setting on the thermostat.
  • You have a leak in your ductwork.

Why Properly Maintaining Your Air Conditioner is Important

To ensure your air conditioner works when you need it most -- like in the middle of summer -- it’s important to keep it properly maintained. Getting regular tune-ups will allow your unit to:

  • Run efficiently and economically.
  • Offer maximum climate control, allowing your house to warm to a consistent temperature.
  • Provide good indoor air quality.
  • Keep you and your family safe.
  • Identify minor issues before they become larger ones that can possibly cause your unit to malfunction.

Does your heating or cooling system need repairs? Don’t let the fear of the bill prevent you from getting it serviced. Ask us about our financing options!

Benefits of Installing a New Furnace

Installing a new furnace can have many advantages for your household and your family. While one of the largest benefits may be peace of mind knowing that your unit is unlikely to breakdown in the near future, it also offers the following:

  • Latest updates: Since new units use the latest technology, they provide the latest features and tools to maximize your comfort level in your home.
  • More efficient: New systems use up to 30-percent less fuel than older systems. This makes them more energy-efficient, which also allows for lower utility bills.
  • Less noise: New units tend to make less noise than older units.
  • Enhanced temperature control: New systems provide even and consistent heating throughout your house.

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