Boiler Services in Crown Point

Is your boiler experiencing malfunctions? All Services is here to help! From maintenance to repair to replacement services, our team of licensed heating experts can do it all.

Nothing is worse than facing the extremities of Crown Point, IN winters just to step into your home and find it just as cold as it is outside. One cause behind this monstrosity may be a malfunctioning boiler. If your home depends on a boiler system for heat, it can be a major inconvenience when it experiences issues that prevent it from effectively providing your home with adequate heat. Luckily, All Services is here to help with our expert boiler repair and installation services. Whether your unit has sprung a leak or it’s struggling to keep you warm, you can count on our heating technicians to get your system back up and running.

Looking for a heating alternative for your boiler? We also offer heat pump installations, an effective way to enjoy ideal temperatures no matter the season.

What Is a Boiler?

Although you depend on it for heat, you most likely never stopped to ask yourself what a boiler actually is and how it operates. Boilers are made up of various components that each have a distinct role to play. These components are:

  • Burner
  • Heat exchanger
  • Supply lines
  • Return lines
  • Firebox
  • Refractory
  • Circulator pump

All of these components play a vital part in supplying your home with heat via your boiler system. When you activate your boiler, a small valve opens and releases gas through tiny jets. The gas is then transferred into a combustion chamber that sits inside of your unit’s tank. The jets are then activated and begin to work with your unit’s heat exchanger to increase the water’s temperature. Then, your unit’s circulator pumps work to transfer the water back up to start the process all over again.

Signs Your Boiler Needs Repairs/Replacement

Just like any HVAC system, there will come a day when your boiler starts to give you trouble. To avoid losing access to heat, it’s important to have problems professionally addressed as soon as they arrive in order to prevent further damage. Some of the most common signs your Crown Point, IN boiler needs professional services include:

  • Lack Of Heat: When your boiler fails to do its primary job, there’s definitely something wrong. A broken thermostat or a defective internal component may be the culprit behind the lack of heat.
  • Boiler Powers Off Randomly: Another common sign that something is wrong with your boiler is if it begins to shut down randomly. If your boiler can no longer meet your home’s demands, it’s time for replacement services to a more efficient upgraded unit.
  • Faulty Pilot Light: Your boiler’s pilot light should emit a blue flame when operating properly. If you don’t see a blue flame or the flame is a color other than blue, it’s time for professional repair services.
  • Loud Noises: There is perhaps no sign more disruptive than a boiler emitting strange sounds. These are often the sounds of loose internal components or the sound of a boiler in its last stages of life.

While you should always leave boiler repairs to the experts, as a homeowner, it’s important to know the warning signs to avoid an unexpected emergency. Anytime your boiler is struggling to keep your home warm, it should be a cause for concern.

Looking to upgrade to a central heating system? We also offer heater installation services, the ideal upgrade for your home.

Benefits of Ongoing Maintenance

Perhaps the only thing more important than professional repair services is ongoing maintenance to prevent the need for frequent repairs in the first place. A sure way to extend the life of your unit is by catching small issues before they become large ones. Some of the benefits your boiler can reap with professional maintenance services are:

  • Extended life span
  • Fewer repairs
  • Decreased energy bills
  • Increased efficiency

For over 13 years, All Services has been providing the greater Crown Point area with high-quality craftsmanship and stellar customer service. Our experts are dedicated to relieving the stress of all of your HVAC issues by providing long-lasting solutions at rates that won’t break the bank.

Is your Crown Point, IN home experiencing a lack of heat due to a faulty boiler? If so, give All Services a call today at (219) 488-2213 and find out how our boiler repair, replacement, and maintenance services can benefit you!