Wiring Repair & Replacement in Crown Point

Wiring issues can put your home’s access to electricity at risk. Call All Services today to schedule your electrical wiring repair service!

When it comes to electricity, most of us can’t picture life without it. Without proper wiring in place, we lose our access to electricity. Whether that’s losing access to your TV, having no AC because of a wiring issue, or even putting your home at risk for fires, electrical wiring issues are as dangerous as it gets. Luckily, our Crown Point, IN electricians are here to help. We offer quality electrical wiring installation and repair services, so you can enjoy your favorite TV show with comfortable temperatures and the ideal lighting situation!

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Signs of a Wiring Issue

Wiring issues come in all forms. The important thing is to nip these problems in the bud before they turn into bigger, more costly dilemmas. The common indicators that you are dealing with a wiring issue are:

  • Frayed Wires: One of the most obvious and visible signs of a wiring issue comes in the form of frayed wires. If you notice that your wires look frayed or distressed, there is a good chance that some type of trauma has occurred. Frayed wires can cause electrical shocks or even fires so it’s always recommended to get it taken care of by a professional as soon as possible.
  • Warm Outlets: Another easy-to-read sign that wiring issues are present in your home is if your outlets are warm to the touch. Touch your outlets and feel for heat or vibrating to know if something is wrong “under the hood.”
  • Burning Smell: The smell of burning in your home is never a good sign. If you smell burning odors in your home, there may be an electrical issue. It’s important to call a professional electrician in order to prevent an electrical fire from occurring.
  • Flickering Lights: Dimming or flickering lights is another common indicator of an electrical issue. This is especially true when lights continue to dim or flicker even with brand new bulbs or when you power on another device.
  • Circuit Breaker Problems: Circuit breakers are designed to prevent power overload. If your circuit trips frequently, this could be a sign that you have faulty wiring that needs evaluation right away.

Any wiring issues can turn into a major fire concern for your home and family. At the first sign of trouble, it’s important to schedule a repair service with an experienced electrician.

Common Wiring Problem Culprits

Most wiring problems can be avoided with the proper prevention and knowledge of the common culprits behind these issues. Some of the most common causes behind wiring problems are:

  • Faulty Wiring: When it comes to electrical work, installations and repairs should always be performed by a licensed technician. Local handymen and unlicensed “electricians” are the leading cause of faulty electrical installations.
  • Rodents & Pests: Frayed wires are often caused by rodents and pests chewing on wires. This can cause major electrical problems and even develop into a potential fire hazard.
  • Over Wired Panel: An over wired panel is a code violation that can trigger electrical shocks or fires. This occurs when more electricity is being generated than can actually be handled.

If your wiring has been damaged or affected negatively, call All Services today to schedule professional wiring replacement services. Our Crown Point, IN electricians will find the source of the problem and provide you a long-term fix. Whether it’s a repair or you need wiring installation, you can count on our pros.

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Wiring issues are often silent killers that go unnoticed until something drastic occurs. From electrocution to electrical fires, small wiring problems can quickly escalate into dangerous hazards. For over a decade, All Services has been providing quality electrical wiring installation and repair services to the greater Crown Point area.

Our licensed technicians are the best of the best and we pride ourselves on affordable pricing that won’t break the bank.

Wiring issues are urgent and need to be professionally addressed as soon as they occur. If you suspect your Crown Point, IN home has been affected by faulty wiring, call All Services today at (219) 488-2213 to get those wires repaired or replaced!