Smoke Detector Installation in Crown Point

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Smoke detectors are one of the most important devices you can ever have installed in your Crown Point, IN home. Imagine being asleep when a fire starts in another room and you don’t have a smoke detector to alert you that danger is near. Smoke detectors save millions of lives every year and are essential to have installed in your home and tested routinely. At All Services, we make this task simple, with scheduled smoke detector testing, along with installation and repair services!

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Why Smoke Detectors Are Essential

In America, over 2,000 individuals lose their lives in house fires every year. Most people don’t know that a large percentage of people who die in fires actually die from smoke inhalation rather than the flames itself. These fatalities most often occur when fires break out when occupants of the home are fast asleep.

A smoke detector alerts occupants when danger is near and presents individuals with the opportunity to escape before the fire intensifies. Smoke alarms are the most effective way to protect your family and home from the many dangers of a house fire.

Where Should Your Smoke Detectors Be Installed?

After you’ve made the smart decision to invest in these life-saving devices, you’re probably wondering where the most effective places are for them in your home. If you live in a multi-level home, it’s important that you have a smoke detector on every level of your house and inside any rooms where people sleep.

It’s also a great rule of thumb to place smoke alarms along your fire escape route to assist you and your loved ones to safety in the case that conditions interfere with visibility. Smoke detectors should also be placed on the ceiling of your home since smoke rises.

The licensed technicians here at All Services are knowledgeable of the best and most effective locations to ensure your smoke detectors are installed in the right place.

How Often Should My Smoke Detectors Be Tested?

After your smoke detectors are in place, the next step is to test them and ensure they are operating correctly. Your smoke alarm should have a “TEST” feature that you can press to make sure the alarm sounds. To test the sensors, you can spray aerosol or ignite a lighter by your device and wait for a reaction.

Smoke detectors should be tested at least once a month and replaced every ten years. Also, if you have a battery-powered smoke detector installed in your home, be sure to have it checked more often, and have some batteries on hand for easy replacement. As homeowners in the Crown Point, IN area, we understand this can be a challenge. That’s why we offer ongoing upkeep and maintenance to make testing and peace of mind second nature in your home.

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Smoke detectors save millions of lives every year. Protect your Crown Point, IN home from unpredictable house fires and invest in smoke detector installation services. Contact All Services at (219) 488-2213 to schedule your installation today.