Crown Point Electrical Service Upgrades

Is it time for an electrical upgrade?

Like anything else in your home, your electrical service wasn’t built or installed to last forever. That’s a given. What isn’t a given, however, is when exactly is the right time to have it professionally upgraded. Is that time now?

The answer is probably “yes” if one or more of the following are true:

  • Your house is old and you can’t remember your last electrical inspection: If you live in a single-family house and currently have a fuse box or 100 amp circuit breaker panel that was installed at least five years ago, chances are you’re a candidate for either a partial or total system upgrade. Over time, wiring and electrical connections start to wear out, and once that trend starts, it only continues.
  • Fuses are frequently burning out or circuits are frequently tripping: This is a clear sign of too much power being used on any given circuit over and over again. Eventually, that could lead to an electrical fire.
  • Switches and outlets are hot to the touch: You shouldn’t be able to feel any heat at all from your wall switches or outlets. If you do, something is definitely amiss.
  • You’re planning to buy new appliances or other high-end home electronics: Today, Americans are families are adding all kinds of new appliances and gadgets to their homes, each of which puts an added strain on the electrical system. If you’re already using your current electrical system to full capacity, buying more and more electrical “stuff” requires an upgrade in home electrical capacity.
  • You’re selling your property: Maybe you’re fine with your current electrical system, but unless it’s 200 amps, chances are the people looking to buy your home won’t be as pleased with it as you are.

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Benefits of Upgrading Your Electrical System

At All Services, we want your home to be highly efficient and safe. Upgrading your electrical system is key. Whether you require partial or complete electrical system upgrade, our professional electricians ensure a job done right and up to code.

Here are some benefits of our Crown Point electrical service upgrade:

  • Greater convenience
  • Reduced risk of electrical fire
  • Added safety
  • Added resale value
  • Added peace of mind

Call the pros at All Services for your whole house safety inspection and rest easy knowing your loved ones are safe.

Enjoy a Highly Efficient Electrical System Today

If you want to make sure that it’s time for an electrical upgrade, All Services can provide you with a thorough inspection of your electrical system. You can rest easy knowing that our team is committed to doing right by you even when no one is looking. This means that we would never recommend a service you don’t need. Our priority is your safety and the efficiency of your home, and should we confirm that an upgrade is needed, we provide you with an upfront cost so you can be prepared for it.

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