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We offer complete electrical solutions to your area, including:

  • Electrical Vehicle Charging Station
  • Switch and Outlet Repair and Replacement
  • Generator Installation
  • Decorative and Security Lighting
  • Wiring Repair and Replacement
  • Smoke Detector Installation
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector Installation
  • Pool and Hot Tub Wiring

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Why You Need a Standby Generator

If you live in the suburbs and have fairly reliable electricity, you might not think you need a standby generator. However, you and your family can benefit from having a unit in certain conditions:

  • Does your area experience heavy rain or snowstorms?
  • Do you experience power outages more than three times a year?
  • Do you experience lengthy blackouts?

If you can answer “yes” to the above questions, then a generator can help improve your family’s quality of life and assure its safety during storms.

Benefits of GFCI Outlets

Recent electrical codes require homes to have GFCI outlets installed in certain areas of the house where water is present. These outlets can help prevent electrocution. Additional benefits can include:

  • Preventing electrical shock: These outlets monitor the flow of electricity. If the outlet detects electricity that flows along an unintended path, or if it comes into contact with water, the outlet will shut off power to that area.
  • Preventing electrical fires: The wiring in your home can deteriorate over time. This can cause electrical currents to leak, which can spark electrical fires. GFCI outlets can help prevent these by shutting down the outlet.
  • Preventing damage to electrical devices: GFCI outlets protect your appliances and other electrical devices by detecting an electricity leak and tripping themselves to cut power to the devices.

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5 Things to Know About Recessed Lighting

Having an electrical contractor install recessed lighting can be a great enhancement to your home or a single room. When adding lights to your home, consider these tips:

  • Spread light on the wall, not the floor: Shining the light on the wall will create a greater illumination than focusing the light on one particular fixture.
  • Spotlight art: If you want to highlight one particular item, like a piece of art, you can install a spotlight on the feature.
  • Choose a trim style: When selecting recessed lights, you have options when it comes to the style of the trim. Make sure to pick a style that looks good with your ceiling and overall decor in the room.
  • Select a bulb color: Test out different bulb colors to see which one creates the right atmosphere in the room.

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