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Autumn Lighting Tips

Autumn is always a magical season for young and old alike. The low fall light and the crisp air create an atmosphere that's unlike any other. In many ways, it's the perfect time to upgrade your exterior lighting infrastructure. Here are a few fall lighting tips that are always golden.


Set Lights on an Adjustable Timer

If you'd like to get the most out of exterior lights, putting them on a timer is the best way to enjoy the fall around your abode. Light-sensitive timers that kick on when the sun sets are cheap and easy to install.


Up-Light Sprawling Leafy Trees and Shrubs

Scooped lighting fixtures pointed upwards are the best way to accentuate trees. The key is to avoid angling ground lights so that bare limbs are exposed. Make the trunks of trees the focal point of lights to avoid a "creepy" look.


Add In-Ground Path Lights to Walkways

Nothing makes a gravel, stone or brick walkway shine like a few low-lying lights with the right diffusion characteristics. Bollard lights outfitted with a variety of top shades allow homeowners to cast the perfect halo of illumination for their specific circumstances.


Use LEDs to Change Color Temperatures

LED bulbs have many advantages over traditional exterior lighting bulbs. They're more resilient, they're more efficient and they can deliver a greater variety of color. Bulbs with a warmth of 2800K in the waning months of the year will augment the look of your landscaping.


Trim Growth to Complement Landscaping

Tree limbs and shrubbery can seriously impact the effectiveness of your outdoor lighting if you're not careful. Busting out hedge shears and clipping a few branches to allow light to reach various areas of the property always yields dividends when done properly.

Autumn is the perfect time to update your outdoor lighting or add more exterior lighting. Contact the team at All Services for any of your exterior or safety lighting needs!