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Why Should I Have My Home's Air Ducts Cleaned?

Do you know what’s in your ductwork? If you’re like most homeowners, the chances are good that you don’t. Your ducts are an important part of your HVAC system, and like all other parts, regular maintenance and cleaning are integral to keeping your home comfortable for you and your family. But why should you have your ducts professionally cleaned?

Benefits of Regular Duct Cleaning Services

Having your ductwork professionally cleaned prevents the buildup of dust, dirt, pet dander, and other contaminants and reduces the amount of debris that enters your home through your HVAC system. By changing your air filter and having your ducts cleaned regularly, you can keep your family breathing cleaner air, longer.

The two biggest benefits of duct cleaning services are as follows:

  • Better air quality - Your ducts pump out air to heat or cool your home, which means the air you breathe in every day comes into contact with whatever collects inside your ducts. Like all areas of a home, if not regularly cleaned, your ducts can accumulate dust and dirt and pump it out with the air into your home. This hurts your indoor air quality and can become detrimental to your health when things like pet dander, mildew, or harmful bacteria are introduced into your air supply.
  • Improved HVAC efficiency - When your system is filled with dust or debris, it has to work harder to pump out air. With the added strain, your unit can wear down more quickly without proper maintenance. Cleaning your system regularly has the same effect on your HVAC as changing your air filter does—by removing blockages caused by dirt, dust, and pet dander, warm or cool air has fewer obstructions to pass through in order to properly heat or cool your home.

Why All Services?

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