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Benefits of Having a "Smart" Home

Smart technology is all around us. For example, people now have doorbells equipped with cameras that can lock the front door with a single tap on their phones, all from miles away! Chances are, if you turn on the TV you’ll see an advertisement for an Alexa or Siri assisted device within the first commercial break. With so many diverse devices with varying capabilities, it’s easy to feel like we’re living in the future.

Some may shy away from integrating smart technology into their homes due to a lack of knowledge about their functions or a misunderstanding about how they work. While these are valid concerns for anyone installing smart technology in their home, the changes to their day-to-day life will prove to be beneficial for their wallet, their family, and the environment. Check out some of the benefits of integrating smart technology in your home!

Unexpected Benefits of Investing in Smart Technology

Helps Conserve Energy

Smart Technology

Smart technology has built-in energy-saving tendencies that are ideal for anyone interested in living a green lifestyle. Eco-friendly thermostats will “learn” your preferences and, after a short period, can adjust the temperature when you're at home and shut off the heat or air when it knows you’re away. Additionally, an eco-friendly thermostat keeps your system from running if you forgot to turn it off when you left for work. This keeps you from consuming energy you aren’t benefitting from.

Installing smart LED lights can also help you and your family save energy. LED lights last 8-25 times longer than traditional halogen bulbs depending on the kind of LED bulb you purchase. Additionally, installing dimming switches lets you directly control how much energy you use when lighting your home. Some lights even have auto turn-off features you can access and control straight from your smartphone.

Saves You Money


Energy efficiency means saving the planet as well as saving money. Products like the Nest Learning Thermostat remember your recurring settings and can learn when you’re home and when you’re out for the day to turn the heat or air off when you aren't there to use it. Using less energy will save you money and headaches.

Adds Security


Some smart technology devices are only for security, such as cameras that are accessible and controllable from your phone, but others have security features built in as a secondary function. Certain doorbells include cameras so you can view who is at your door without having look through the peephole. Other devices, such as smart locks, let you lock or unlock your door at will, even from miles away. So whether you forgot to lock the door when you left the house or you need to unlock the door in emergency situations when you’re away, you get to control who enters and who doesn’t.

Gives You Control

Control Via Tablet

Adjust the temperature, dim the lighting, control music volume, lock the doors, and even close the garage, all from your phone! When you install connected smart devices in your home, you have greater control over the appliances and the general settings of your home. Smart devices can even learn from your past settings and create preference profiles for your family, so they adhere to your use without you needing to lift a finger.

Maximizes Comfort


Whether it’s checking in on the babysitter and kids while you’re at work, or making sure your elderly family member is doing okay throughout the day, caregivers have less to worry about with smart technology in the home. Vulnerable individuals, including those with any special or medical needs, can rely on technology to regulate medication, monitor health, and even call for emergency assistance if needed. Smart baby monitors allow parents to check in on their children whenever they feel the urge. Having smart technology as another resource allows you to remain confident that everyone in your home is fully comfortable and safe, which in turn, relieves your own stress and worrying throughout the day.

Installing a smart technology system in your home can be a daunting task for anyone new to smart technology, but one of the most often forgotten aspects of readying your home for smart technology is whether your electrical system can handle all the new gadgets. All Services can inspect your electrical system and advise you on whether an upgrade is necessary for your system to handle all the new demands. Contact our team today to inquire about electrical system upgrades and inspections!